Locally Made Anti-Valentines You Didn't Know You Needed...Til Now

Now, without getting into everyone-has-a-VD-horror-story territory, instead let me ask if you've ever fancied the idea of hosting an Anti Valentine's Day soiree. Or made one happen...even if it was a party of one. (wink)

If yes, I've got a few locally made treats and gifts you're going to get such a kick out of. (And absolutely adore too btw.) They're also superlative for that special Valentine who perhaps doesn't take it all (and themselves) quite so seriously. 

Sugar Bake Shoppe

When I met with the ladies behind Sugar Bake Shoppe RI, these boldly decorated cookies caught my eye immediately. For obvious reasons. Tasty too! Even better news? There's still time to search these out for individual gifts (either for your ex's or your funny friends) or as party favors for that upcoming Un-Valentine's event (yeah, that's a thing this year, in a major way).

The Rusty Scissors

You might remember a recent The Rusty Scissors mention in a post by sweater designer Elana Carello. Well, spotlighting them again because they have a bunch of these off beat and unconventional Valentine's dolls that are equal parts quirky, dark, and sweet - kind of like your favorite chocolate. Really amazing for favors or gifts, especially for those friends who maybe share your anxiety or ambivalence about Feb 14th. 


Photo Credits: Additional photos courtesy of the Instagram accounts of Sugar Bake Shoppe RI and The Rusty Scissors