Text Your Besties Because This Class Combines Yoga With Helping Shelter Dogs


How to turn a bad day into a great one?

Attend Puppy Yoga at Laughing Elephant in EG!

East Greenwich Animal Protection League and Laughing Elephant Yoga Studio worked together to plan my idea of the perfect Sunday afternoon. All I had to do was sign up in advance and donate a min of $20 to get to workout and play with puppies this past weekend. Have to admit that I did not do one yoga pose. I mean, how could I when there were puppies everywhere?

EGAPL even brought senior dogs to play. It was by far one of the best charity events I've ever been to, and at the end, they wrapped everything up by saying, “Shelter dogs are not broken, in fact they are strong!” (**Sniffle**)

I know my friend who came with is putting in an application for Charlie.

This dog was also there - Sammy.

It was a fun way to get to know dogs who need homes...like Delilah & Sampson, Aspen & Philly, and Shadow (See below.) Omg, Shadow looks like giant Oreo, wish I could have taken him! 

If you are not able to adopt, I recommend donating to East Greenwich Animal Protection League and visiting Laughing Elephant Yoga, where by the way, dogs are welcome.

N. Johna


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