Indoorsy Daycation Ideas For You & Your BFF's Because March Has Been Cold AF


Has the weather related drama (blustery days, snow just about every week, and last night's freezing rain) this month taken a toll? Looking for ideas for local indoorsy escapes to distract you until the temps turn mild, and you can finally pack aways parkas, heavy sweaters, and such and hit the beach? Here are 3 suggestions for a sweet day-cation in Newport to help you and your besties unwind and recharge right now. 

Spa Days Are The Best Days

Try the Water Therapy at the Bodhi Spa, a series of soaks in two different heated pools, alternated with quick cold plunges in a 30 degree mini pool and short, cool showers. Then, after the steam room or traditional sauna steps, be sure to take some time in their infrared sauna (LOVE! Especially because it's suppposed to help with circulation, weight loss, and pain management.). All in all, an incredible way to reboot your bod and your mind.

On The Rhode

If spa days aren't your thing, maybe a spin down Ocean Drive in a vintage convertible is more your speed (There was a startup in Newport last Spring and Summer offering a tour along those lines, not sure what became of them?)? Until the weather breaks, however, the next best thing has to be a Rhode trip to the Newport Car Museuma once private collection dating back to the 50's that includes Fin Cars, Corvettes, and more that opened to the public in June 2017. A real must see for any auto aficiandos out there. 

PS - Maybe car fanatic Jay Leno stopped by while he was in Newport playing a comedy gig this week? I mean he was spotted at a local Stop & Shop. (I know this because someone uploaded a photo to IG.)

Always Cheers-ing

Wrap everything up with some drinkies and eats at an unfussy, cozy location like Scales & Shells on Thamesa go-to for locals and tourists alike, or Perro Salado for their Spicy Cucumber Margaritas and Avo fries.



Photo Credit: Scales & Shells photo courtesy of Stacey Doyle