This Local Meal Delivery Service Is Next Level & You'll Want To Loop In Your Foodie Friends

I'll watch a cooking show. Truthfully, I find them relaxing. And during the last storm, I actually baked some sweet potatoes that somewhat surprisingly, turned out pretty well (*pats self on back*). Beyond that, not much of a fan of cooking, or standing at the sink scrubbing pans, on the reg. But I never really fancied myself a 'meal delivery person' either. 

Until our collaboration this month with the folks over at Feast & Fettle. (By all means, scroll ahead for a discount code and special offer. Wink-y face.)

Photo by Stacey Doyle

Photo by Stacey Doyle

I'd first discovered them via Instagram, pretty much the norm these days. When we started chatting about Stacey, my go-to photog (That's her photo, and one of her Feast & Fettle dinners above.), and I teaming up with them this Spring to try their meals, I was fairly certain that after telling them I only eat vegetarian these days, they'd say, "See ya!" (If there's a 2018 version of Bye Felicia, that might work here too.)

Anywho, when they told me they had beaucoup (my word) vegetarian options, I was excited but also skeptical. After all, there are only a few restaurants in the OS that offer any extensive plant based options. 

For the record, and in case you were wondering, Feast & Fettle also offers gluten free, mediterranean, paleo eats as well. Something for everyone in your life.

Curried Lentil, Tomato & Coconut Soup, Black Bean Enchiladas, and Stewed Chickpeas with Spinach all sounded (and tasted) delish to me! And those were just the mains (aka, main dishes). The sides were fresh and scrumptious too. I wouldn't be blogging about them otherwise. (Full disclosure: about a year and a half after launching the blog, a Bean Town Marketing agency reached out about promoting a menu item from a fast food restaurant you're probably acquainted with on some level. Ultimately, I turned down the opportunity because it wasn't something I loved or even liked very much. Jus sayin.)

Also, unlike the situation with a lot of other (national) meal kits or delivery services, there's #NoCookingRequired. It's heat and eat all the way! Plus, all the food is locally sourced and prepared by their chef led team in Warren, RI. 

I feel like it's also worth adding that the portions are generous and that I shared my food with some of the pickiest eaters in my extended fam, including one of my 20-something nieces who does not give out complimemts easily (for real might call her a foodie.). Long story short, she adored all of the Feast & Fettle food. 

Are You Curious?

Use the discount code PATTYJEATS to get $50 off your first Feast & Fettle order, and a FREE loaf of Seven Stars Bakery bread. 

Photo Diary

Oh yeah, one more thing...Stacey took so many beautiful photos, what else could I do but create a mini photo diary of her trip to their kitchen in Warren? Feast your eyes. (Get it FEAST? Lolololol)