The Shop All Your Friends Will Be Posting About Now That Spring Is Really Here

The nice weather when we can stroll around without heavy coats or lots of layers, that we've all been waiting for? Finally here this week you guys!

Excellent time then to get out and explore the OS, especially somewhere like Wickford Village. That's exactly how we first happened upon the design inspo (what the kids on IG are calling it these days) that is My Paris Apartment. 


Since it's literally off the beaten path, set back behind the Wickford Gourmet Outlet (a classic for sure), you may not be aware. In fact, there's a vg chance you've probably motored by tons of times without even realizing.


Don't know about the Paris reference (if we had a Paris apartment...#lifegoals), but it does have a completely charming aesthetic, a mix that's part floral design studio on the 2nd floor (stalk the My Paris Apartment Insta and for some of the absolutely gorgeous arrangements they've done for weddings and such.), part gift and garden (bring on the greenery!) shop on the ground level. 

All with whimsical touches throughout and this rustic feel that continues to have quite the resurgence both online (two words - Insta Worthy) and IRL these last few years. For the record, vintage treasures back to green plants and fresh flowers will always get the approving nod from us. And hint, hint, Mom's Day is coming up. 

So, if you need a break from fluorescent lighting (some of the most unflattering out there, you've been warned.) at the big box stores and want something more eclectic, put on your favorite pair of flats (yes, sneakers are an option and yes, we do detest the term kicks when used to mean sneakers.) and scope out My Paris Apartment, along with all the other superlative shopping in The Wick. 

Team Patty J


Photo Credits: Floral arrangement photo courtesy of My Paris Apartment's Insta and FB pages.