The Home Decor Trend You're Living For Got A "Mini" Makeover, Courtesy Of These PVD Designers

It's the interior design trend - and source of inspo - right now. You're probably seeing lots of fotos and posts about it in your feeds on IG, FB, and yes, Twitter. And according to published reports, from Cosmo to WAPO and everything in between, even your 20-something friends are said to be crushing hard...on plants and greenery. Or more specifically, surrounding themselves with an abundance of the stuff. But what if you live in a smaller house or apartment? Sure we'd all love a place with a sun room or a green house, but that's not always possible. Enter the ppl behind Packet PVD. Find out their story, and how they're downsizing the plant trend but in a really great way.


Grow Something Green

Packet PVD was originally conceived as a promotion for my design firm, but the products became so popular that they took on a life of their own. I started an independant shop: Packet PVD for our heirloom seed kits, cheer flower tincture, and other gifts. Our design team (Sarah Verity, Danikqwa Rambert, and I) create the kind of products that we want to give as gifts to friends, family, clients, ourselves! We love simple, useful and beautiful objects and are always looking for small ways to make people’s lives better.

Seeds & The City

The seed kits are perfect for the urban gardener; they come with seeds, paper pots, growing directions, and a wooden crate to hold the pots. We chose the heirloom vegetable and herb seeds because they pose a minimal challenge for the novice gardener and can be successfully grown indoors or out in almost any US climate. Plus the paper pots are biodegradable - great for starting seeds on a windowsill and then going straight into the ground or to a bigger pot when the seedlings sprout. 

Local Favorites 

At Packet PVD, we’re all about maintaining a balance of healthy, mindful living with the occasional indulgence. Here are a few of our Rhode Island favs: 

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Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Packet PVD

*This post has been updated and revised from the original version, posted Spring 2017.