Stay Chill With The Ice Cream Trend You'll Want To Sample If You've Got (Lactose) Issues

Another new-ish food trend - around these parts anyway - that I'm still #obsessed with, and that I hope is here to stay, is vegan ice cream. Work with me on this now...

I've had the vanilla at Wildflour in Pawtucket (Their ice cream is all made in house and coconut based. Also, their patio is a perfect spring and summer spot to hideout mid-week btw.) and could not stop gushing about it. So tasty it could even fool the persnickety person you know who turns up their nose - bristles perhaps? - at the mere mention of the word VEGAN. Seriously. It's also fab for anyone who's lactose intolerant (I knew quite a few ppl who outta nowhere suddenly developed lactose issues in their 30, 40's and 50's.) and has major probs digesting traditional ice cream. I mean there's nothing remotely fun or stylish about being bloated and/or gassy.

A short walk down the street from WF on Hope Street is Three Sisters, a neighborhood and cult fav in PVD known for their handmade, small batch ice cream. While the majority of their menu is of course traditional dairy based (with non-traditional tastes like Dirty Garden Mint), there are vegan specials popping up now and again, a vg sign that this is no flash in the pan or ice cream machine.

Another fantabulous option not far from WF and TS is Like No Udder, which up until a few yrs ago was strictly a food truck/mobile operation. They have a brick & mortar shop over on Ives Street with outside seating and lots of options, from soft serve and hard ice cream to shakes and cold treats for dogs (because circa 2018 dogs are the new kids, righttt?). They were also at Wicked Tulips last week, serving up their plant based yumminess. And one of the contributors to the blog swears by their cashew milk almond joy flavor.