The PVD Lunch Place Everyone You Know Is Probably Going To Be Posting From Soon

I really want Craig (Conover) and Naomie (Olindo), of Bravo's Southern Charm, to get back together! This is after seeing that People mag item about Craig crying when he found out Naomie had had a nose job (For the record, I had a rhinoplasty 4 and a half years ago and I was the only person crying...mostly because of extreme discomfort, and how bruised and swollen my face looked, post procedure.) pop up in my Google feed yet again. That's trending for sure and so is this new lunch place that my sister-in-law S. clued me in on a few weeks ago that turned out to be incredible.

If you're a fan of The Salted Slate on Wayland, then I have news. First, ever since Nikki Bella (btw starting to think that whole breakup with John Cena was one big publicity stunt) dined there and posted about it on Instagram, it's more popular than freaking ever. (Wonderful and all, but it can make securing a table for brunch a tad challenging. Even with being able to make reservations.) Next, the peeps behind TSS have gone and opened a deli right around the corner and it's definitely worth a jaunt over to the 02906 right now.

We stopped in for lunch at the newly opened Mercer's Deli the other day and were thrilled with the entire experience. From the sandwich and salad options (as in, so many appealing ones, particularly when it came to salads because those can be a real let down elsewhere and can almost have an after thought quality about them. All the plant based eating fans out there know what I'm talking about!) to just about everything else, including the aesthetic which is very updated minimalism meets big city deli. So, for those of you lamenting the lack of a NYC deli-esque experience in the OS, may we kindly submit Mercer's.

After mulling things over, we decided on the California Cobb (you had us at AVOCADO.), the Tuna and two bottles of San Pellegrino. We stayed more traditional with our beverages, but for those of you looking for exotic soda options galore, you won't be disappointed. The place was bustling, our portions were generous, and everything was fresh and utterly delish. Next on our list to try? The latkes (so looking forward to it. ). And our best advice is to get there before all your foody friends and of course, Nikki Bella

Photo Credits: Food fotos courtesy of Stacey Doyle