This MOH Opens Up About Her Pre-Wedding Prep & We're Taking Notes


Crunch time countdown: 1 week until I walk down the aisle as my sister's MOH. I won't share my dress just yet (big reveal soon!), but know it is not what you might be expecting, and skin tight.

How am I getting in shape to wear this ohhhhhh-so-tight-potentially-not-so-flattering dress? 

1. CARDIO: I hit the gym for an hour to do the elliptical, then sit in the sauna for 20 minutes to sweat out the toxins. Some say cardio does nothing and I’m wasting my time - however, it works for me so keep your comments to yourself!

2. BURN FITNESS IN EG: Group classes by Kim Blessington that feel more like personal training sessions (a good thing). If you think you’re in shape, go to Kim's gym..a real challenge!

3. Pure Barre: It's really good for tightening everything that you didn't know could tighten. I love Pure Barre and the team there. (Shoutout to Leslie Sweeney!)

4. Lastly, as far as eating, anything from the garden, and if I need a quick fix for lunch, I’m living at Sonia's (Deli) in Cranston. It is one of the best places to eat for sure. I get any salad that they have - house, greek, anything. They also have the best hummus.

Happy Healthy Life!

N. Johna