The Stylish Newport Spot All Your Friends Will Be Posting From

Motoring over to Newport this Summer? Of course you are! Any mix-ups with the EZ Pass lanes on the Pell Bridge aside (Tickets range from $25 all the way up to $175, if you're leasing your vehicle, if you accidentally find yourself rolling thru that EZ Pass only lane to the left. #ItHappenedToMe #ConsiderYourselfWarned), let's talk something new to do and be snapped doing in the City By The Sea right now.

A few weeks ago, my family converged on Newport for a big wedding, staying at various hotels, inns, and Airbnb's around town. After comparing notes about our accomodations, the big news for those looking for the latest thing was definitely the brand new, redesigned lobby bar at the Newport Marriott. (Nope, this isn't a sponsored post, but I do welcome staycation offers. Jus sayin.)

One of my brothers was there with his wife and kids and long story made super short, what they're calling the Plank Bar definitely caught his attention. And for good reason - it looks freakin awesome! (More Keira Knightley than Johnny D., in case you were waiting for a Pirates Of The Caribbean reference.)

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And I feel like in general there's such a shortage of concept or stylized spaces like this in the area. In other words you guys, this is pure Instagram gold! Platinum even. That being said, here are a few FOMO inducing Insta's I've come across recently to illustrate:

I mean the Classic Newport IG gets will always be drinks on the lawn at Castle Hill (whilst seated in one of their signature white Adirondacks) and anything yacht related (Hats off to you if you have a professional photog along to document you, your SO, and your photogenic pup "yachting", but the real question is are you listening to Channel 70 on Sirius XM radio, aka, Yacht Rock?), but this amazing space is soooooo worth adding to your NP agenda this season.

Photo Credits: Top photo by Turchetta/Getty Images; used with licensing permission