This Garden City Store Will Help You Update Your Space & We're Living For It

Ethan Allen at Garden City in Cranston (Photo by Stacey Doyle)

Ethan Allen at Garden City in Cranston (Photo by Stacey Doyle)

After college, my living space was decorated (and I use that word loosely) with a collection of mismatched furniture, plastic milk crates, and piles of my favorite magazines. There may have even been a futon (Remember those?) in the mix.

Now interior decorating has never really been my forte, but thankfully I've graduated from that milk crate aesthetic and have been known to covet beautifully designed rooms. This happened most recently at Ethan Allen at Garden City in Cranston, the Rhode Island exclusive destination for eight of your fav furniture and home stores. So, yessss, they have such gorgeous furnishings, chandeliers, and other accent pieces (See photo above.), but did you also know that they have in-store design consult services?

It was a real treat sitting down with Ari a few weeks ago for my very own consult, where we talked everything from window treatments, artwork, and frames to sofas, rugs, and side tables. His vision and attention to detail were super impressive! Honestly, I felt like such a celeb as we sat and reviewed the plan he'd put together. Wow, just wow!

I also walked their stunning space at Garden City Center with Linda, another designer on their team, and learned so much. I mean, I love so much that most of their pieces are still made in the US. In Maiden, North Carolina to be exact. And can I just say how wonderful and amazing it is shopping with people who really know their stuff? It elevates the whole entire experience!

So, their team is super knowledgeable and friendly. Be sure to pop in next time you're at GCC and say hey.

*This post is part of a sponsored series with Garden City Center in Cranston (RI), your RI exclusive destination for 8 of your favorite furniture and home stores.

Photo Credits: All photos by Stacey Doyle