This Garden City Store Has Everything You'll Want For Turning Your Space Into A Resort Like Oasis

Photo by Stacey Doyle

Photo by Stacey Doyle

I was greeted by a chorus of "That's my favorite store!", after posting a few photos from Pottery Barn at Garden City on social the other day. And I get it! I mean, we had a great looking couch from PB for something like ten years. So there's that.

There's also something about their whole aesthetic - they make it super easy to design (They do offer in-store design services, in case you were wondering.) or redesign your space so that it's both stylish and relaxed. Great looks that are still completely live-in-able. Whether you're looking for a new couch (Yesssssss!) or a few new accent pieces to reboot your interior.

With this in mind then, thought I'd share some of my picks (including something that reminds me of a West Coast resort I just visited) that are available right now at Pottery Barn at Garden City Center, the Rhode Island exclusive destination for eight of your favorite home and furniture stores.

Palm Trees & Plates

This Spring I was in LA for an extended weekend, and had a chance to visit the Beverly Hills Hotel, the iconic resort that's hosted Hollywood's elite for decades. These Palm Print Plates (for outdoor or indoor dining) remind me so much of the signature green, including the banana leaf wallpaper in the Fountain Coffee Shop on the lower level, at the BHH.

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Now more than ever indoor plants and greenery are where it's at! This continues to be major online and IRL, and PB is here for it with a selection of absolutely gorgeous faux plants and succulents that look remarkably like the real deal. Perfect for co-opting this trend for yourself in one room or throughout your house or apartment. 

A Living Room Oasis

Everyone has a story about a couch they - or someone they know - bought that wasn't comfy. Exactly why I am here to sing the praises of PB living room furniture. It looks fantastic, and feels even better, whether you're binge watching your fav shows or catching up on the news on your I-Pad. Create your own living room oasis of relaxation (We all need one guys!) with PB.

*This post is part of a sponsored series with Garden City Center, the exclusive RI destination for 8 of your fav furniture & home stores.

Photo Credits: All photos by Stacey Doyle Photography