The Low Key Amazing Local Vineyard That's Sure To Be Your New Fav Spot

Let's talk local wines + one local vineyard that's one of the oldest in the area.

Let's talk local wines + one local vineyard that's one of the oldest in the area.

Wine not?

Last week, we paid a visit to Diamond Hill Vineyards in Cumberland. If you've never been, it's definitely a must go experience for this Summer or Fall (Speaking of which, they do offer both a cranberry and an apple wine for all your autumnal occasion or day drinking in late September, October or November needs.). Once you navigate the dirt road, it's completely charming in a back to nature, woodsy sorta way.

We met the owner, Mrs Bernston, who presided over our tasting and she looks amazing. Jaws dropped after she told us her age because well, wine. Her secret btw is to drink wine everyday...a glass with dinner though, no random or impromptu wine-ing.


While we were sampling some of their most popular wines (photo above), she told us that her place is one of the oldest in New England, dating back 42 years! She also told us that they grow the grapes for their Pinot Noir on site, without any chemically based fertilizers or weed and insect killers. While the grapes for their signature fruit wines are not grown on site, the wines themselves are made on site using only the best quality local produce. (She was emphatic about that last part.)

We settled on glasses of the Scarlet Run, a cabernet sauvignon we found out later is named for the owners' greyhounds, and the River Valley Run, a chardonnay named after the Blackstone River Bridge (Valley Falls), as well as some crackers and hummus from the frig (Never ever wine taste on an empty stomach guys!), before making our way out to the porch. 


If you're looking for a new place to meet up with your besties this Summer, the porch at Diamond Hill is it. While we were there last week, there were 2-3 other groups hanging out, chatting, laughing, and of course, drinking wine. (The music was retro 80's too, always a plus in my book.) It's an ideal setting for your next low key amazing summer afternoon gathering with your favorite people. So, bookmark it, put it in the GPS, text your BFF's, and make plans. 

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