If You're In A Summer Restaurant Rut, You'll Want To Add This Place To Your Rotation

Photo by nicoolay/iStock/Getty Images

Photo by nicoolay/iStock/Getty Images

In the Portsmouth area with a friend, and we were getting hangry. In other words, we were badly in need of a delish and substantial meal. Salads (Bite your tongue!) or drinks and apps were just not going to cut it. After searching my phone, I came across a place I'd never ever heard of before called 15 Point Road and within a few minutes, the WAZE app (You do use WAZE, don't ya?) was guiding us over. 

To tell you the truth, we weren't really sure what to expect once we arrived. From what I'd glimpsed online, it looked and sounded fancy and we were dressed down in sneakers, t-shirts, and windblown hair. (Egads!) Thankfully, none of that was an issue. We were greeted and seated by the hostess quickly and with smiles all around. Our fellow patrons were mostly in casual-ish attire. And the views were classic RI waterfront circa this time of year. That is to say, absolutely lovely! (We sat inside by one of the ginormous windows, but you can also have the al fresco dining experience with their outside seating.) And I had a cup of hot coffee (Hot coffee all day, every single day!) in front of me before you could say Summer Fridays

Our entire meal, from the caprese salad we split to our entrees (Block Island scallops for her and scallops and pasta for me...the online debate rages on re: whether or not vegetarians or vegans should eating scallops, I decided to go for it.), was outstanding and we pretty much inhaled everything. Except for the edible flowers. A unique detail, their signature that had been added to both our plates. Kind of neat and noteworthy. (I. Know...Don't see that on the reg.) We actually didn't eat the flowers tho, but I think it was more because it was something so completely unexpected.

Now, I have nothing but compliments for 15 Point Road, which strikes me as the type of restaurant that the locals flock to and want to keep secret because it's such an oasis (those views, that menu which for the record includes lots of locally sourced dishes, including of course seafood). The parking is a tad limited, but it's still an outstanding reason to motor over the bridge (Sakonnet? Mt Hope? I know we drove over one of those on the way the other day...) for your next night out. 

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