This Local Pizza Is So Amazing You'll Want To Share A Pie With Your Squad Soon


In Crust We Trust

People are pretty passionate about their pizza. A few years ago, I wrote something about 2 or 3 of my fav pizza places in the area, and not long after, I was approached at a party by an irate gentleman of Italian descent (for the record, I'm 1/2 Italian) , demanding to know why I hadn't included his favorite, which happened to be Caserta's on the hill. There are also all these spoken and unspoken rules about it - including that you should never ever be seen digging into a slice with utensils of any kind. My NYC friends call that pulling a De Blasio btw. (Go and Google later. It's a hoot!)


The Best Local Pie That You Haven't Tried...Yet

Anywho, fast forward to the other night, when one of my brothers calls and says he's bringing over pizza. Little did we unbelievably delicious it was going to be. Yes, it made quite the impression. In other words, there were no leftovers. (That's the real test, right?) And prior to this adventure in takeout pizza pies, I had no freakin idea this place even existed. Apparently, the guy from that billboard on the highway that reads, "You're going to love my food!" is the key to all this pizza greatness.


I've tried the food at Osteria Toscana in Johnston, but while I was sleeping (or scrolling Instagram), the owner went and opened something right next door called Pizzeria Romano, which is where our much-loved pies from the other night originated. Friends, if you like your pizza tasting like something you'd sample during a 2+ week tour of Rome, Florence, and Venice (A bunch of ppl in my family just got back...), not overloaded with tons of cheese or too salt-y tasting, and you're a fan of thin crust, then this is a destination not to be missed. Run or walk briskly as I've been known to do. 

Someone else I know, who apparently goes all the time (to the one in Johnston...there's another location in Lincoln), also wanted me to say that the pizzeria has a real neighborhood vibe - popular with locals, has a steady stream of regulars, and so on. In case you want to eat in instead of taking out. Heck I might even be there enjoying a pie.