This Local Startup Wants To Bring Farm Fresh Food To Your Doorstep & Wow

All photos by Stacey Doyle

All photos by Stacey Doyle

Vegging Out

Farmers market season is in full swing here in the OS. Love shopping them, but truth be told I don't get there as much as I'd like. And don't get me started about tending a backyard garden, especially after a friend was literally just telling me how the rabbits and raccoons went to town with some of the veggies that she and her SO (short for significant other) had worked so diligently on this year.

The really great news is that there's a new virtual farmers market called FreshConn that's launching this week in Westerly, Rhode Island. The branchild of local entrepreneurs Chef Patrick Straus and Brandon Monti, the idea is that via FC you can have farm fresh, locally grown food delivered right to your door on the reg. It's all about marrying convenience with the best quality Rhody vegetables and much more. Since I stick with a mostly plant-based, vegetarian diet these days, I've chosen to talk veggies, but FC also offers more in the way of meats, etc. from over a dozen RI farms. 

I had the opportunity to tour Hillandale Food Hub in Westerly with Patrick himself last week and was beyond impressed by their organic, sustainable methods. Specializing in tomatoes, mixed greens, and other seasonal produce, the family owned and operated HFH grows everything in native soil that's fortified with compost they make on site. No nasty chemicals, and you'll be surprised (and delighted) that they also utilize solar power! In addition, I discovered that there's actually a 'Patty' Pan Squash (top photo above) that despite bearing a striking resemblance to a flying saucer/UFO, cooks up quite nicely and tastes delish.

If you're looking to add more native tomatoes, eggplant, squash, and the like to your life right now, without having to get your hands too dirty (and without the wear and tear on your nails...heck, a good mani isn't cheap these days guys!), highly recommend going to the Fresh Conn Facebook Page for additional deets about how to get onboard and info about all the exciting (including philanthropic) things Patrick, Brandon, and company are doing right now. 

More Photos From Our Afternoon On The Farm

including a few free range chickens and eggs...

Photo Credits: All photos by Stacey Doyle