This Garden City Store Is Probably Your Happy Place, So Here Are 4 More Things To Swoon Over

Photo by Stacey Doyle

Photo by Stacey Doyle

The Container Store in Garden City is everything to me - I mean I'm not the most organized person you'll ever meet, but I aspire to be! That's the really terrific thing about walking into TCS, it's chock full of all these possibilities, things that could change your (and my) life for the better (making it more Insta Worthy or Pinterest #Goals even). And there are other gems too, beyond the more traditional items that come to mind when we think about reorganizing the different rooms in our houses or apartments. So, join me for an abridged version of some of my absolute must-have essentials from TCS at Garden City Center, the RI exclusive destination for eight of your fav home and furniture stores.

1. Clothing Secrets Not Everyone Talks About

Now, having a fantastic dry cleaner (and cobbler while we're on the topic) that you can run to is important. Don't get me wrong. But so much of what we wear these days can, and should, be washed. That's where The Laundress comes in - it's a complete line of every kind of wash or spot and speciality treatment (including a formula just for denim and another for your workout clothes) for just about everything you're wearing this season and beyond. My go-to's include their Signature label detergent (for everyday stuff), the Stain Remover (that helped me get red wine off a neutral color tablecloth not too long ago), and the whitening wash (which will save your tee shirt wardrobe this summer). Other small items that make a huge difference include Huggable Hangers, cedar sachets for your shoes (I'm all about keeping my footwear FRESH.), and their fabric storage boxes (for stashing off season knits, etc).

2. Traveling Light (Or How To Avoid Any De-Planing Stress)

Ever try retrieving your luggage from the carousel after a long flight? It's a literal sea of heavy, black microfiber. So, while planning for my most recent trip, I decided I was done with all that, and motored over to The Container Store for a new (brighter and also lighter) bag, that wouldn't get lost in the de-plane shuffle. (See photo above.) TCS is also the place for luggage tags (love, love, love the ones I picked up along with my brand new wheelie), travel totes, and so much more. Highly recommending before your next adventure!

3. Next Level Gift Giving

Their holiday gift wrap selection is ahhh-mazing! But did you know that they also have a fantabulous selection of gift bags, tissue paper, and other things for birthday gifting and other special events? If, like me, you're not a craft or DIY expert who can wrap circles around most people, this aisle at TCS is for YOU. It's the fast, easy way to take your gift giving to a whole other level.

4. Closet #Goals Realized

Dreaming of the perfect closet? We've all seen behind the scenes tours of different celebs and their coveted storage spaces. I can remember seeing something in In Style magazine years ago about one tv star who even had a sitting area and hosted teas in her closet. Well, The Container Store can help make all those dreams a reality. Be sure to check out their TCS custom built displays next time you're at GCC as well as their extensive selection of accessories for stashing away your stuff stylishly.

*This post is part of a sponsored series with Garden City Center, the RI exclusive destination for 8 of your favorite home & furniture stores.

**All photos by Stacey Doyle Photo

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