The Local Spot Where You & Your Crew Can Cheers Your Way Into September

So Labor Day Weekend's snuck up on us once again. Most of the kiddos are back in school, and some people are busy posting online about the sad end of Summer 2018. Ok, well guess what? The weather next week is supposed to be incredible. Sunny and warm. The best time to take another personal day. And instead of mourning the end of summer, motor on over to Newport Vineyards, which in a very Rhode Island-ish twist is actually located in Middletown on East Main Road. Translation? You do not cross the Pell Bridge! (Sometimes that can be a whole lot easier to deal with, depending on your mood du jour.)

In years past, we'd driven by on our way to somewhere else. A few people had even guest blogged about it. After finally having a chance to scope things out for myself though, I found out just how fantastic it was - a real life oasis in the OS!

The exterior (Greenery, grapes, and that one time there was a group riding their horses nearby) and interior (updated rustic that's inviting without being hokey) are equally fab. You can also take a tour with your crew and sample/cheers your way thru their wine selection for a pretty reasonable price, starting at around $12 per person. What I'm truly obsessed with, however, is the back patio that faces the vineyard. (No pics because we decided to put our phones aside and enjoy!) The scenery. The music. The whole scene. An ideal way to spend a few hours or an entire afternon this September.