4 Spots In This Beach-tastic Rhody Town For Riding Out The Heat Wave

There are two schools when it comes to navigating a heat wave in August in the OS. Hide out in the AC. Or embrace it and get the heck outside - all the while staying properly hydrated of course. I mean, realistically most of us are probably going to be complaining IRL or over-posting on social media about cold temps and/or snow soon enough, so why not celebrate what many like to call the best time of year to be here in RI? The other thing is that no one looks

The Towers

The Towers

glam in these kinds of weather conditions, so throw out any misconceptions you might have from scrolling and stalking IG Style Bloggers with perfect bronze glows and high heeled sandals, and throw on your coolest, comfiest hot weather clothes (Here's where the Meghan Markle 'messy bun' could come in handy!). Next, motor on over to somewhere on the water. Like Narragansett. Especially because I have this short list of places to explore there right now. 

  1. Water You Doing? If you're old enough to remember the old tv ads for Rocky Point, then I'm sure you'll recall the mention of a salt water pool. These days, the only spot I know that can boast one is The Break in Gansett. We did a staycation there a few years ago, and I can vouch that it was completely wonderful. (PS - They're also offering poolside yoga on Sundays, from 8 to 9am. Free to guests, and $10 for walk-ins.)
  2. Avoid Pier Pressure. The Towers on Ocean Road (all that's left of the once famous Narragansett Pier Casino, the resort where rich and famous East Coast residents summered on the sea wall back in the day) offers regular tours, and if you've never been, it's certainly worth adding to your agenda. Also the view and breeze from the balcony is incred.
  3.  We All Scream... After breakfast at Crazy Burger last summer, we stumbled on The Gnarly Donut, a cheery little cafe where locals and touristas alike head for their morning cuppa coffee, donuts, and the occasional bagel. This year they've added ice cream to the menu and it's definitely worth the splurge. (Gnarly is a nod to the owner's 15+ years of surfing btw.)
  4. Ketchup With Some Friends. Grab a bite and maybe a cold beer (They have 17+ on tap.) at The Bike Stop Cafe. It's the place to check in from in Gansett these days, thanks also to their eclectic outdoor garden and funky decor.

Photo Credits: The Towers Photo by mtcurado/iStock/Getty Images