The South County Shop All Your Friends Are Suddenly Posting From

Lotus flowers. Plane noses. And now this…In case you were planning on making your way over to the Hamilton Harbour condos off Boston Neck Rd to try scoping out the water garden of those stunning (also sacred…pix only, no picking) flowers or Antique Liquidators on West Main to take a snap with the nose of the circa 1940’s DC-3 transport plane out front, here’s something else to add to your Wickford itinerary this month.

A new shop just opened and it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump from the 1940’s Nose! The Captain’s Table had their ribbon cutting back in August and ever since then, so many of our South County friends are posting food-y fotos of their truffle bar. So, it’s ideal when you want to treat yourself, and you’ll burn off those truffles walking around the village anywho. Because why not and The Wick is one of the best spots in the OS for strolling.

Also, check them out if you’re looking for something new and exciting to make the next dinner party you’re hosting wildly successful. (Break the Mary Richards curse one and for all!) Or for an amazing host or hostess gift (olive oils, truffle honey, dishware, and more) for the next one you’re on the invite list for. For those of you who never watched an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, we’ll name drop Chrissy Teigen and Lauren Conrad who have reinvented themselves as a cookbook author and a lifestyle blogger respectively. Because cooking and entertaining at home is hep and happening again and all the cool kids are doing it now.

Photo Credits: Thumbnail photo of Wickford used with permission/licensing from Getty Images; plane photo courtesy of Stacey Doyle; photos from The Captain’s Table courtesy of their Insta