The Insta Worthy Cafe You'll Want To Add To The Itinerary For Your Next NYC Trip

Until someone opens something like this in Rhode Island, you’ll want to add Remi Flower & Coffee in Midtown (Manhattan…you were thinking Brooklyn initially, right?) to your see and do’s for your next long weekend in New York City.

photo courtesy of the Remi Flower & Coffee Insta

photo courtesy of the Remi Flower & Coffee Insta

After you’ve hit Washington Street in DUMBO (At the intersection of Washington and Water Street is where you have the Manhattan Bridge and the Empire State Building as a backdrop for all your mobile uploads.), the front stoop of Carrie Bradshaw’s brownstone from Sex & The City (66 Perry Street between Bleeker and west 4th in the West Village), and the famous Flatiron Building (that is if you haven’t already of course). It reminds me so much of a place we literally stumbled on a few years ago in Florence called La Menagere that was flower shop meets cafe/restaurant meets event space. But with Remi there’s a bit of a 21st century floricultural twist…

Ok, sure they have some Insta worthy latte art. You’ve seen that before. And plenty of curated greenery and pretty flowers. Check! ✅ But have you seen anyone locally *literally* mixing coffess with edible flowers? I personally have not. Yeah, I’ve seen it done with spirits (Litte Bitte Cocktails for ex) and food (15 Point Road in Portsmouth comes to mind.), but as far as java goes, that would be a no. For now anyway…

Remi offers beautiful surroundings (more about that in sec), seasonal specials, and a selection of hot or iced coffee (and tea), but who wouldn’t want at least one hot cuppa cawfee with the art and those petals?

Also, like so many other cafes that we all find ourselves transfixed by online (The Egg Shop, While We Were Young, Birch, and Happy Bones on IG for starters), it’s on the small-ish side IRL. So charge your phone, and be prepared when you pop in because there are sure to be lots of other fellow fans of plants, flowers, and speciality coffee and pastry on reclaimed wooden tables, all with a white walled background, on the premises.

Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of the Remi Flower & Coffee Instagram.