7 Spots With Working Fireplaces Where You Can Get Cozy This Season

Sure Comments By Celebs is the hottest account on IG right now (taking a not-so-deep dive into famous ppl stalking and trolling fellow famous ppl on Instagram), but it won’t keep you warm during the dip in temps this Fall 2018 here in the OS.


Whether you’re bummed out or happy (all those posting PSL or Halloween memes, you know who you are) to see summer go, here’s a starter list of some local spots that offer working fireplaces to help you stay cozy and light up your mobile uploads this season. And a lot more fun than dragging those boxes of sweaters and scarves out of the attic!

  1. Pastiche on the Hill - Close to perfect year round, but especially nice on a chilly autumn or winter night. Meet your besties for Pumpkin Praline Tarts, coffees or hot chocolate, and a nice complain fest (so satisfying and a lot cheaper than therapy) by the fire.

  2. Camille’s, also on the Hill, because pasta and vino are life…There’s a famous quote credited to Sophia Loren about how she’d rather indulge than not and yeah, that. So tuck into a nice plate of pasta, do a little ppl watching, and order a prosecco. The gas fireplace is a def plus this time of year too.

  3. dining room at Loie Fuller’s - LF was the forerunner to all the happening restaurants and bars popping up on the West Side over these last few years. The interior is very Euro bistro meets West Village bar with a dash of Patagonia flannels thrown in for good measure. Add in the fireplace in the dining room and what could be better on a Sept or Oct night?

  4. the bar at The White Horse Tavern - Go for a Dark and Stormy, one of their signarture rum drinks or Sunday brunch. When we were there for last, the fireplace was roaring and it was swell.

  5. the lobby at Castle Hill - The quintessential Newport experience. Sit by the fire with your friends and enjoy a cab or pinot noir - and the quiet elegance. It’s all very Town & Country circa 2018.

  6. guest rooms at The Chanler in Newport  - A. Magical. Place. When we stayed in the Martha Vineyard suite, in addition to a gorgeous fireplace, there was also a private courtyard with a hot tub.

  7. the lobby and every single guest room at The Break in Gansett - Not only does the main lobby at The Break in Gansett have a working fireplace, but every single guest room comes complete with a gas fireplace for warming up during your upcoming fall or winter staycation.