The Lunch Spot Someone In Your Circle Is Probably Already Living For

If you’ve been out and about in RI this week, you’re probably experiencing some sort of polar vortex anxiety.

Well, as a delightful diversion from the current cold snap, I have a restaurant.

Ok, it’s actually more of a deli/lunch place, but you’re going to adore it nonetheless.

A friend of mine’s been grabbing lunch there all the time, and I must warn you, her standards are sky high. Then there's my sister, and her longtime longtime BFF who loves their grape leaves. I’ve picked up a bunch of takeout there over the last few months, including chicken soup for the hubs (Soup school dropout right here.) and vegetarian lentil for me. I mean, do you know how difficult it is to get great takeout soup that doesn’t taste like 5 gazillion tablespoons of salt have been added? Also, it’s even harder to get soup made sans chicken broth or chicken stock, said the non-meat eater.

Without further adieu, guess I can reveal that the place in question is indeed Sonia’s over on the east end of Cranston. You probably won’t see your millenial friends or frenemies updating their Instagrams from there, it’s not that kind of spot. It’s not about the foto opp, it’s about the food.

It’s half market (That's probably a whole other blog post entirely.) and half deli set up with an array of takeout as well as Euro style candies and cookies (most I’ve never come across anywhere else in the OS) on the counter if you’re feeling like a midday splurge. 


The menu’s Mediterranean which encompasses a wide variety of lunchtime options, from Armenian (Everything I know about Armenian food I learned from one of my closest friends who married someone whose surname ends in ian.) to Greek to Italian-ish. Now, Italian I know. And while I’m not much when it comes to the cooking part (As the last of a large family, my mother wasn’t as hyper focused on teaching me how to make meatballs. Guess my sister will have to carry that torch! Plus I don’t even eat meatballs, another source of wonder and dismay for mom.), I do know blog-worthy, Italian-inspired, casual eating though.

Also, and I can’t stress this enough, there are some delish dishes for all my fellow plant based eaters out there in the OS. In fact, was just chatting recently with a friend about how difficult it is to order plant based at restaurants once you leave the umbrella of Wild Flour, Garden Grille or The Grange.

So, to wrap up, excellent under-the-radar lunch place. Parking can be limited, especially if you go during peak hours (noon-ish), but there’s always the side street option. Yes, there is a connection to Sonya’s Boutique on Oakawn Ave (Bought a gorgeous gown there for Brianna’s wedding last Summer!). And someone in your inner or extended circle is probably already enamoured with this place, I know I count at least half a dozen in my world. Definitely worth checking out soon when you’re in need of a low-key day of catching up on errands along with a side of simple but still yummy eats. 

 *Sonia’s is located at 816 Park Avenue, Cranston, RI.


**This post has been updated and revised from one that appeared on the site during the Spring of 2018.