There's A New Play Space Coming To Portsmouth & Your Kids Are Going To Adore It

As a mom of two small kids, one who loves to dress up (in anything) and another who loves to run around and knock blocks over or pretend to be a dinosaur, I’m always on the hunt for the next best play space. 

Pitter Patter Playhouse, (what a fun name) is opening in Portsmouth. When I walked in I fell in love, from the play kitchen, to the train table or the beautiful reading nook. There’s a beautiful dollhouse and dolls in beds or carriages but the thing that caught my eye was the Pitter Patter Pantry.   

Photo: Emily Howe

Photo: Emily Howe

The pantry is what every child dreams of, it has windows to see in or out of, a beautiful door and a light (that really works!). The pantry has a cash register, pretend food and beautiful vintage signs. No other play place has so much to offer. Liz, the owner, has put so much thought into everything. She picked out everything from the flooring to the colors for the chairs in the front, which is the arts and crafts area.  

Even the chairs for mom and dad or whomever to sit in go with the décor so well. There are two large bathrooms and one has a changing stall in it, so moms with more than one kid aren’t cramped in a tiny bathroom (my least favorite thing). Any description would be incomplete without mentioning the beautiful wooden jungle gym. Liz worked with the designer and it’s perfect. There are multiple ways for kids to climb up it and a large slide for them when they’re ready for the next adventure.  

Pitter Patter Playhouse is exactly that, just a playhouse for the kids to pitter patter play all day long. I drove down from Warwick and it took about 35 mins, which is the perfect amount of time ensuring kiddos won’t fall asleep. The owner also mentioned she hopes this will be a place that military families will use since the Naval base is close by, she’s offering a discount to those with valid military IDs.  

I am especially impressed with the hours, Monday-Saturday and closed on Sunday. Shows she is taking time for her family and some rest. I cannot wait for the grand opening on January 21st, I will be the first in line and will be taking pictures of my kids having the time of their life.  

 About Emily

Emily is a mom of 2 young kids, you can find her at her neighbors eating a leftover ice cream cone her kids abandoned while the kids play on the play set. She loves to fill online shopping carts and then forgets to check out. Emily also loves having dance parties in her kitchen while singing out of tune.