There's A Plant-Palooza In Pawtucket That You & Your Besties Will Want To Visit Soon

you don’t have to be an avowed plant mom or dad to visit this place…

you don’t have to be an avowed plant mom or dad to visit this place…

The other day, instead of taking my usual right hand turn onto Pidge Street in Pawtucket to get to either Garden Grille or Wildflour, I motored over to Jordan’s Jungle, a veritable plant-palooza located at 545 Pawtucket Avenue. (Note: When you get to the fork in the road at the end of North Main, after Gregg’s, bear right and it’s in the first mill building on your immediate left. You’re Welcome!)

Whether you’re a plant mom or dad (trend alert…I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow, Shiva Rose, and Jessica Alba all have tons of them at their houses.), you’re looking for a spider plant to clean the air in your bedroom because you just read an article online about plants that do such things, or you have a case of the January blah’s (It happens…maybe all your friends are flying off to Florida this month and you’re craving warmer temps and a more tropical environment.), a trip to Jordan’s (not the furniture place, but I did meet one of the owners back when I worked for Nordstrom at PPMall and they were unofficially scouting for a RI location.) is sure to give you the boost you need right now - especially with the bitter cold, bare trees, and brutal wind we’re experiencing this month. I mean, that’s exactly what happened to me when I first walked in and saw all the greenery. It’s sure to be a wow moment for you too!

They have anything you could possibly want, from succulents of all sizes and terrariums to palms, traditional house plants (snake plants, ferns, cast-irons), and everything in between (That’s code for don’t-know-much-about-plants-but-I-am-a-fan-of-havin-them-around.). In the end, I picked up a plant for the bedroom and a bunch of small, low maintenance ones to give as favors to guests who were attending a lunch collaboration with a local company that I was hosting the following day. (Stay tuned for deets on that too btw.)

Truth be told, Jordan’s Jungle made me want to fill my entire abode with greenery, which would be a vg thing on so many levels. For now though, I just have the one new plant, but highly recommending you take a trip over because it’s an outstanding way to spend an hour or two this winter (or any time of year really) in the OS.