You Haven't Seen Anything Else Like This Show Coming To PVD Soon, So Get Ready To Be Wow'ed

Is the recent frigid weather giving you instant cabin fever? Or maybe you’re just looking to fill out your calendar with something new and different. If so there’s some new entertainment hitting the ocean state that you should check out.

Nowadays it seems like all we do is rush from here to there and somehow make time to create an Instagram story about how you made this week’s Hello Fresh for you and your Bea… (did I use that right?) But what’s life without a little culture here and there? Well, clear out some dates on your social calendar because I’ve got some things you’ll want to check out.

On January 31st and Feb 1st at Moses Brown you can find a beautiful performance by IBEX and Heather Henson. “Ajijaak on Turtle Island” written by Grammy Award winner Ty Defoe, with lyrics by Defoe and Dawn Avery, music by Avery & Larry Mitchell, Kevin Tarrant and Defoe. Put on by a group of Native American performers this show follows Ajijaak, a young whooping crane who must face her first migration cycle on Turtle Island (North America) after being separated from her family.

It uses puppets, dance, indigenous music, and video projection to bring its story to life in front of you in a one of a kind event. It’s a limited run in New England so don’t miss out. You can buy tickets now using this link!

Ajijaak is being put on thanks to FirstWorks. They are a Providence-based non-profit that works to bring cultural events and performances to Rhode Island. It’s an interesting group and if you like this and are curious about what else they have coming down the pipeline, check out their box office HERE.

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***Photos by Richard Termine.


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