These Rhody Families Have Crafted A Children's Story & Cook Book You'll Wish Had Been Around Back In The Day

Show of hands if you had an Easy Bake Oven as a kid. Or if someone in your inner circle did. I mean, remember the excitement of carefully pulling (Mine was a knock-off, but it did have a mini spatula or peel that you could hoist the pan on to extract it from the hot oven without getting burned.) a successfully made cake from that plastic wonder of late 20th century childhood. Now, if I had continued down that culinary path, you wouldn’t have found me Googling how to boil an egg a few years ago. Anywho, our friends at Pepper And Parsley have banded together to make cooking fun, safe, and super easy for little ones with the story and cook book you’ll wish had been around back in our day (or thereabouts)!

All photos courtesy of

All photos courtesy of

It’s called Pepper and Parsley in the Kitchen and it tells the story of Pepper and her younger sister Parsley as they explore their kitchen and prepare a meal, along with a guest traveling from Brazil. The book’s mission is to inspire and instill both a love of cooking and a curiosity about the world around them. For the RI local families behind this project, it’s all about helping children learn about cooking, travel, culture, and friendship.

Every Pepper and Parsley book includes illustrated, Montessori-inspired recipes and a handy recipe guide for parents who want to help their children develop independence and self-confidence via learning to prepare meals in the kitchen. The Pepper and Parsley story and cook book also includes a map, a dual language glossary, and a collector’s edition luggage sticker.

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