Forget Your BAE! Why You'll Want To Write A Valentine To Yourself TY, So Says This Iconic Radio Personality, Musician, & Educator

Charlie Brown and the little red-haired girl. Unrequited love, and always on Valentines day. Good grief.

Yet despite his near misses, Charlie Brown understands a lot more about love than we give him credit for.

So I’m in Catholic school, third grade. There was no little red-haired girl in my life. I just wanted to be noticed by ANY of the girls. And like with Charlie, nothing seemed to work.

It’s Valentine’s Eve, and Sister DePaul brings in two big decorated boxes with slots in the tops, one for the girls and one for the boys.  For homework, make a Valentine and drop it in the box. Yes, I do have a chance!  Except there’s a catch: It has to be anonymous. OK, that’ll never get me noticed. I needed a plan.

What would Charlie do?

I found every  art supply I could. Scraps of construction paper. A dried up bottle of Elmer’s glue.  Colored pencils.  And instead of making a single Valentine, I made one for EVERY girl in the class!

But there’s still the problem about the anonymous part.

I’m a Catholic school kid. Breaking the rules comes with serious damnation. I did it anyway. I SIGNED EVERY SINGLE ONE in my best Palmer method handwriting.

No luck. I didn’t impress Judy, Linda, Elizabeth, Janet, or anyone else for that matter.  Good grief.

When I think about that day, it’s kind of embarrassing, but you know, I was eight, and what does an eight year old know about love?

Then, recently, it hit me.

It’s not about the little red-haired girl, at all. It’s about the big picture. It’s about real love. It’s about real hope, and it’s about never giving up in life. Charlie Brown understands that, or else he’d never keep trying to impress the little red-haired girl.

Love starts within. With you. Keep believing in love, and to do that you have to love yourself first. It’s not easy, especially on Valentines Day.

So, I think it’s a good day to get some construction paper and Elmer’s glue and colored pencils, and sit at your desk and make yourself a Valentine. And even if you already have someone in your life, it’s still so worth it.  Just be sure to sign it -  Love, Me...

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Pete Silva is a veteran radio air-talent at Providence’s 94HJY. He writes poetry and music, recording and performing with Pete Silva and the Big Hope Band. He’s also a long-time teacher of English literature, and a self-taught student of 1940s Americana. In his spare-time Pete builds 19th century New England farm-style stone drywalls, at his home in rural Rhode Island.