This Rhody Park Is Perf For Walking Your Pup Or Just Reconnecting With Nature

These days we’re always plugging in our phones to charge, but how often do we stop to recharge our own battery? Self-care pays dividends and so whatever feeds your “joie de vivre” (or as Marie Kondo puts it - what sparks joy) do more of that!

For me, getting into a bit of nature is a great way to decompress. I say a “bit of nature” because I’ve never been one for a LOT of nature (i.e. camping).  A nice walk among trees is perfect to de-stress, breathe in some oxygenated air, and get new perspective, aka forest bathing.”

Recently I visited a place that’s been on my bucket list for a while. I’ve heard it’s a great place for dog walks, and I’m always looking for new places to go to get out of the city. Living in Providence, the proximity to nature hasn’t ceased to amaze me, even after 15 years living in the Ocean State. I’ve lived in Chicago, Rome and New York, and in those places, you can hardly get out of traffic in the city in 15-20 minutes, let alone to a pastoral field with lakes and silos in the distance.


Chase Farm in Lincoln, RI used to be a working farm until the late 1960s and was purchased by the town of Lincoln in 1979 for use as a public park. The picturesque meadows lead to several trails and lakes. There are picnic tables and even restrooms so you could easily spend an afternoon enjoying the scenery. On-leash dogs are welcome, and they provide trash barrels for poop bags… so be sure to clean up after your dog if you bring one!

My 9 year old “techy” son and standard poodle puppy, Lucy, loved all the trails, and we could have spent hours exploring. In fact, my son did not ask for my phone once and instead envisioned building a tree house in one of the trees or a even a weekend house for our family in the one of the fields. (That’s allowed, right!?) Needless to say, we will be back.

They have a butterfly garden maintained by volunteers, according to Visit Rhode Island. Also, it looks like there is a food truck event coming up May 27th after the Lincoln Memorial Day Parade. Food trucks AND nature? Talk about a perfect way to feed your “joie de vivre!”

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