3 Best Places In Boca You & Your Crew Will Want To Explore After The Beach This Feb Vacay

Sure we all poke fun online at Florida and certain news stories about its residents in tabs like Daily Mail (everyone’s reading the DM first thing in the AM by the way - from PR people and titans of industry to CEO’s of start-ups and IG Superstars) or the Post, but once we find ourselves in the thick of January or February in the OS, where are we all anxious to jet off to? That would be Florida. Now, I know the temps have taken a turn for the better in RI these last few days, but I’m still pretty certain many of you have something booked re: the Sunshine State this month. #FebVacay


So I’ve a short list of swell places you’ll want to add to your itinerary - for before or after the beach - if you happen to find yourself in the Boca Raton (things haven’t been the same for a certain person in my family since they found out that BR strictly translated means “rat’s mouth”) area anytime soon.

  1. Farm To Table: Looking for incredibly fresh, tasty food for lunch or dinner? How about updated rustic, farmhouse style decor? Then throw on your distressed denim + clogs (before you balk -all the boss moms in Park Slope are wearing them!) The Farmer’s Table is for you. They don’t use microwaves to reheat anything and even grow some of the veggies and herbs right on the property. It’s not vegan or vegetarian (so no eye rolls from your carnivore traveling buddies when you suggest dining there), but there are some scrumptious options for anyone in your group who is eschewing meat. Their app and (creative with a twist of wellness thrown in for good measure) drink menus are also fun if you’re leaning more towards a small plates vibe.

  2. French Cafe: If you’re looking for somewhere to unwind for an hour or two, grab your Goyard bag and head over to Cote France Cafe on Plaza Real South for coffee and a pastry. Even the Uber driver who dropped me off there for my first visit was raving about it! Sit outside and people watch or take food and atmosphere photos with your I-Phone camera. Either way, it’s a welcome bit of afternoon French style “meditation” inspired by iconic spots like Cafe de Flore and Le Sancerre.

  3. Stay Salty: In case of a rainy or gray afternoon (the rain usually doesn’t last more than a few hours here…although last week was an exception for sure), drape yourself in athleisure and motor over to the salt rooms at The Salt Suite. It’s more of a singular or solitary experience than Saltitude Salt Cave back in RI, where zero gravity chairs are arranged in a big circle and you listen as a group to a guided meditation via an overhead speaker. By contrast, at the salt rooms in BR, you have your own area with a white recliner, a divider with a reading light, and headphones for hearing the instructions (silence your phone for starters) and soft music during your 45 minute session. Highly recommend if you’re looking for something wellness related to do on a not-so-sunny day, or if you’re curious and have always wanted to chill at one. The benefits of breathing in the finely milled micro particles of salt in the dry aerosol being pumped into the room via a Halogenerator (aka, Halo or Salt Therapy) are purported to include everything from boosting your immune system and reducing snoring to helping alleviate allergy symptoms and stress. PS - White socks are a must as color socks (or any shoes) compromise the purity of the salt that blankets the entire room from floor to ceiling.