The Wildly Popular, Wait Listed Face Mask That This PVD Makeup Artist Says Really Works

Everyone from Jennifer Connelly, Debra Messing, Michael C. Hall (Dexter!), and the Kardashian sisters has Instagrammed about this Korean beauty mask. You’ve also probably seen the ads in your feeds on IG and FB. Friend of the blog and Rhody-based makeup artist Karen Gomes was curious. She tried it for herself and she’s here today with all the details.

Remember that Korean skincare mask that when applied made you look like a 100 year old mummy, but when removed, made you look 10 years younger? Well, I do! After one use I was hooked. My skin was poreless, glowing, and dare I say, lifted.

Hanacure - the all in one, botanical extract based facial - has become a cult fav. My obsession stems from my never ending quest to achieve the best possible skin. Healthy, glowing skin. A post by Drew Barrymore with the mask on quickly caught my attention. Game on!

Hanacure is beautifully presented in a crisp white box, it’s almost like opening an exquisite present. According to the description, it’s supposed to help target your skin concerns and deliver immediate visible results. Those results are related to anti-aging/clarifying/lifting /firming/brightening/contouring/pore tightening and even skin tone.

First, a gelling solution is mixed with a lifting serum in a small yogurt like container. Once the solution is mixed (after combining the gel and serum), the mask is applied with the very professional looking skin brush provided. A thin layer is brushed on to the face, neck, and backs of hands (aging skin on the back of hands never gets paid enough attention).

After applying it, my experience…I immediately felt my face begin to tighten, I mean really intense tightening! While it is on is NOT the time to smirk, smile, or move your eyebrows - even after looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as never before. A 100-year-old mummy. Take pics before, during, and after, the transformation is simply amazing! Leave on for 30 minutes or until dry, then rinse or washcloth it off. Again, brilliance! You will see smoother, glowing, lifted skin staring back at you. My brows were significantly lifted. No exaggeration. Prepare yourself for the many compliments and curious inquiries from friends wanting to know exactly what have you done? NOW would be the time to smile.

Once to twice a week is recommended, before an event or special occasion or the upcoming holidays is my go-to routine. Hanacure is available at The starter set with one application is $29. The four pack is available for $110. Trust me, once you’ve tried the starter kit, you will immediately order the 4 pack.

More About Karen

Photo of Karen courtesy of Lisa Oliveri Bruno & 64 Degrees Photography; Hair and makeup by Donna Sousa of Makeover Artistry.

Photo of Karen courtesy of Lisa Oliveri Bruno & 64 Degrees Photography; Hair and makeup by Donna Sousa of Makeover Artistry.

Born and raised in Rhode Island. Left hometown for Los Angeles dreams in 1985 where I honed my makeup artist craft, especially skincare. LA women are skincare serious, as am I.

Returned to Rhode Island in 2001, began working at Nordstrom as a makeup artist. Along the way, I have also built an extensive, freelance wedding makeup business.

My passion is educating women on simple makeup and skincare with lessons. Their amazing reaction to seeing their true self revealed after a makeover warms my spirit. Their smile says it all, and a genuine smile is the best makeup we have!

I enjoy a clean, healthy lifestyle and also have compassion for animals. Cat Mom to Romeo. Would open an animal sanctuary with my dream lottery winnings. Another thing on my bucket list is a trek to Africa, where I foster and support orphaned baby elephants.

*All Hanacure photos are courtesy of their Instagram.