Let Everyone Know You're Team Del's With Cute Merch From This Rhody Company

Come that first sunny and warm-enough-for-short-sleeves day in April, odds are we’ll start seeing lots of Del’s signature yellow and green cups popping up in our feeds again. (For the record, I prefer the classic lemon, but they have something like 8 flavors these days. On My Gosh!)

You know, everyone wanting to announce their first Del’s of the season as a kind of informal celebration of making it thru yet another Rhody winter. (OK, so even my dermo doctor agrees this one wasn’t so bad…yeah, those last two storms in March were painful last hurrah’s, but onward and upward guys.)

Now, if you’re feeling especially anxious about having to wait a bit longer before you can start sporting t-shirts (Just saw pleather bermuda shorts being touted as a must have for the upcoming season, and it’s gonna be a hard pass on those from me, thx.) and opening the sun roof on your suv on the reg, our friends over ar Made From RI have just the thing to tide you over as we prepare to spring ahead (Can I get a heck yeah?) - their sweet selection of Del’s merch that’s pretty much guaranteed to get a smile out of even the most persnickety in your Rhode Island squad.

In addition to packets for mixing up a batch Del’s at home (never tried it , it is on my list tho), they also have all this deliciously appealing (not edible, but nonetheless you will find yourself hashtag obsessed) merch like lip balm, body wash, and soaps in mini Del’s cups. Also, hellooooooo, cute gift alert for all the Del’s fans in your life.

My personal favs at this moment, though, are the key chains. Can’t decide between the cup and the truck -they are both equally adorbs! And as the peeps at Made From RI say, they make it practically impossible to misplace your keys. (IRL I’m torn between wanting to carry around a thousand things everywhere I go and the frustration of never being able to find my keys or my phone when I really need them, so fingers crossed and high hopes re: these kc’s.)

For more info about all the delightful offerings from Made From RI, go to their site. Or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo Credits: All product photos courtesy of (and used with permission from) Made From RI, LLC