The Restaurant All Your Friends Will Be Posting About After April Vacay

Going to Florida for April vacay?

Or maybe you know someone who is.

One key takeaway from my time in Florida this past winter? Never mind the scary ride share experiences (When your driver veers over into the opposite two lanes of traffic...or inquires repeatedly about taking you to lunch), the fact that I'm currently sporting a Texas tuxedo (Translation: Denim On Denim), and some old dude telling me I need a tan, the crucial thing you need to know this minute is food and restaurant related.

Farmer's Table in Boca may not have been a fav of another of my Uber drivers (NOT the almost fiery crash or the creepy one), but who cares what she thinks? I mean, she couldn't even name any of her top restaurant picks in the area. So, if you're going to bookmark a restaurant in the Boca Raton area for your upcoming Spring break, it's Farmer's. Back and forth to the Sunshine State in February and March for me means at least a handful of trips (maybe more) there.


Something that impressed me originally, besides their kick-ass coffee, numerous plant-based menu options, inspired healthy elixirs, rustic charming decor, and delightful back patio seating? They grow a chunk of their herbs right on the premises. (How's that for farm to table or farm to fork?) You actually see part of their garden when you pull up to the entrance, where they also have a valet. (To quote Nicole Richie, Lionel Richie’s daughter who’s NOT caught up in Kardashian drama, I can't drive because I can't park, it's too stressful...Now, to clarify, I do drive, but I detest parking, especially parallel.)


Also, unlike so many of my perennial faves back home in the Ocean State (Garden Grille, Wildflour, The Grange), FT has menu items that are definitely not vegetarian or vegan like fish or chicken which I don't eat, but most of my friends and fam do. Which means no more grunts, groans or sour faces when taking non-vegetarians to my current obsession for brunch, lunch or dinner. Happy faces all around! Clean, in-season, eating for everyone. It’s also a slightly sneaky way to introduce the carnivores in your life to some delish plant based eats. (And, for the record, I have won over many non-vegetarians with the Squash Quesadilla at Pawtucket’s Garden Grille.)

More to cheer about? They've have an adjacent space around the corner from the main entrance called Farmer's Table Express, where you can bop in and grab so much plant-based yumminess to take home. If you want quality to-go (Pizza's vegetarian, righttt?) on any particular night, drop into the mini storefront and choose from dozens of different snacks, desserts, and meals. Especially convenient if you’re doing the FLA condo thing.

Speaking of which, another Uber drive taught me a brand-y new term, Condo Commandos, which refers to your neighbors in the development. Those who may or may not know all your biz. Or who are upset because you tracked beach sand thru the main lobby. Or because you took their astronaut pen that writes upside down - Those Seinfeld episode arcs at Jerry's parents' condos were spot on dammit! I can say that now that I’ve lived it.

Find Farmer's Table at 1901 Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33431


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