The PVD Eatery Even Your SO Will Enjoy Next Time You Drag Them To Sunday Brunch

Sure, we could talk about breakfast potatoes (because seriously, who eats those in the morning in their real, non-restaurant life) or trying to take a decent phone photo of them (It can't be done I tell you!), but the reason for my recent brunch burnout has more to do with things like 45 minute to an hour table waits, cold food or coffee or both, dismissive hosts and door people (What is this, Studio 54?!? I mean, unless I’m breaking bread with Liza, Diana or Bianca Jagger…), and growing a little tired of the sheer volume of food porn (running the gamut from the beautifully done to the not so much and the downright cringe-worthy) in my feeds.


So, I've slowly stepped away from posting about the b word and have even gone so far as developing my own at-home-healthy-ish coffee drink that I’m pretty proud of (brew up some Allegro Cafe De La Duena, then throw it in the Vitamix along with oat milk and a dash of cinnamon). There have been, however, a few bright spots in my mid day meal malaise and drama.


Take Waffle Providence on Weybosset for instance. Even my husband loved it (including the coffee, which is really saying something) and tbt, he has had an extensive history of cranky pants behavior whenever I've dragged him out for brunch on various occasions over these past 4-5 years of blogging and the rush to Instagram from practically every Rhody restaurant.

If you’ve never been, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how Insta cute and comfy the interior is. There’s even a sweet window seat that’s like something out of your dream PVD studio apartment. (Or similar to how I want to think Meghan & Harry have revamped the kitchen at their new home, Frogmore Cottage, in Windsor.) They also offer a waffle with avocado, shades of my LA trip last Spring (and something that I bet the Duchess of Sussex would be a big fan of). The hubs tends to stuck with the more traditional fare and if you do too, then the fried eggs on a waffle is a swell option.


In addition, this year they’ve also added bagels to their mix too, which I applaud (because I’m never ever ever giving up carbs). Yessss, there are a lot of menu choices, so I can say with confidence that I think you'll find something delightful when you go in search of their signature round W sign in the capital city.

Waffle Providence is located at 45 Weybosset Street, Downtown Providence. This coming weekend is their Grand (Re) Opening Event under new ownership. They’ll be introducing NEW items like Fruit Smoothies, Wraps, and more. Go to their IG for additional details.

Photo Credits: Waffle Prov logo courtesy of their IG

***This post has been updated and revised from one that has appeared on the site previously.