2 New Spots In Providence You'll Want To Plan Your Weekend Around


Wine A Little, Laugh A Lot

There’s a new wine bar in Providence on Wayland Square and we were at the soft opening last night. Now, I have to say things went really well - unlike that time we visited another wb in PVD, not far from the Convention Center where we had just attended an event, and the bartender, he was quite the character. Acted like he was doing us a favor by even being there. And the ordering process? Excruciating (I hate that, how ‘bout you?). I mean, we still left a generous tip, but we never went back.

Anywho, back to last night…the brand new Providence Wine Bar on Angell Street was buzzing with lots of people. Happy to report, though, that amidst the hoopla, a pleasant young woman still found us, offering drink options (We went with a Chilean red.) and menus previewing what they’ll be offering soon in terms of small plates. So, big points for THAT!

Formerly the Mercer Deli (and in another life - maybe during the 90’s? - a restaurant called Spoons where two of my friends used to go for soup when they both worked on the Square), the relaxed, pleasant space is the ideal spot for a rainy (I say this because the forecast for the next 5 days is…showers. And last month we apparently had more rain here in RI than they did in Seattle.) night out with co-workers or friends or a mix of both for vino and tapas. Also, a nice idea for those nights when you don’t want to commit to a restaurant reservation or a full four course meal.

Cheers To Wall Art

Another location you’ll want to hit before you start wining this weekend (in case you haven’t already seen my posts on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram already) - the selfie wall that The Avenue Concept just unveiled yesterday in Trinity Square in PVD. In a hot minute, you’re going to see sooo many people checking in and doing photoshoots from there, so why wait?

For best results, bring along that BFF who has the still-considered-new I-Phone XS (Blink and there’s another new I-Phone release, right?). I mean, everyone I know who has one can’t say enough good things about the camera.

*Providence Wine Bar is located at 485 Angell Street in Providence.