4 Beach-tastic Spots In Gansett Where You & Your BFF's Can Coast Into Summer

Hope you’ve had a chance to get outside and soak in some of this sunny streak of weather we’ve got going on at the moment. If you’re looking for some ideas and inspo for where to go and what to do as we begin coasting into Summer, might I suggest Narragansett. Of course, there are the sandy beaches, the spectacular sunsets on the water, and the stop on the drive down at Allie’s for donuts. In addition to all that, though, here are four essential spots to add to your Gansett itinerary ty.

1. Brekkie And Boards. Newport or Watch Hill might come to mind first when it comes to spotting celebs in RI, but nope! Take your old fave on Boon Street, Crazy Burger, for example. Last August, some of the regulars were kicking themselves when they realized (Thanks to the IG post below.) that they had somehow missed Avengers (and 13 Going On 30) star Mark Ruffalo breakfasting there. He also apparently rented a surf board from Narragansett Surf + Skate. So, why not take a page out of the Ruffalo playbook and plan a morning doing the same?

Photo courtesy of the  Crazy Burger Instagram

Photo courtesy of the Crazy Burger Instagram

2. Water You Doing This Weekend? If you're old enough to remember the tv ads for Rocky Point, then I'm sure you'll recall the mention of a salt water pool. These days, the only local spot I know of that can boast one is The Break hotel in Narragansett. We did a staycation there a few years ago, and I can vouch that it was completely wonderful. (PS ~ Someone who follows the blog recently booked the rooftop lounge and a bunch of rooms there for a party, and messaged to thank me for having posted about it, calling it to their attention.)

Photo At The Break Hotel in Gansett Courtesy Of   Stacey Doyle Photo

Photo At The Break Hotel in Gansett Courtesy Of Stacey Doyle Photo

3. Pier Pressure Can Be A Good Thing. The Towers on Ocean Road (all that's left of the once famous Narragansett Pier Casino, the resort where rich and famous East Coast residents summered on the sea wall back in the day) has started offering regular tours over the last few years, and if you've never been, it's certainly worth adding to your warmer weather agenda. Also, the view and breeze from the balcony facing the water are incredible!

The Towers Photo by mtcurado/iStock/Getty Images

The Towers Photo by mtcurado/iStock/Getty Images

4. Ketchup With Some Friends. Wrap up the day with a bite and maybe a cold beer (They have 17+ on tap.) at The Bike Stop Cafe. It's become one of the heppest places to check in, thanks in part to the eclectic outdoor garden and funky decor.