We Saw Isaac Mizrahi's Cabaret Show At This Celebrated Venue & Wow

Last night was the kickoff of Isaac Mizrahi’s latest series of cabaret style shows (toe-tapping reimaginings of classics by everyone from The Pretenders to Cole Porter, peppered with entertaining anecdotes and pop culture observations), with special guest SNL alum Ana Gasteyer, at the legendary Cafe Carlyle.

And we were lucky enough to have snagged a few pretty fantastic seats close by the stage.

Okay, so I’ve been wanting to go to the Cafe Carlyle and check out a live Isaac show for quite some time. Last night was an opportunity to do both. And if you ever have the chance to do either, highly recommending you say yes and never look back.

Photo Courtesy Of The  Cafe Carlyle Instagram

Photo Courtesy Of The Cafe Carlyle Instagram

First and foremost, let me say that all the marvelous things you may have heard over the years about the Cafe are true. Gliding through the revolving door and into the main lobby of the Hotel Carlyle feels like stepping into an extraordinary other world - with hints of the old glam of the New York of days gone by, images of NYC from your fave movies, and the occasional celeb sighting thrown in for good measure. (Speaking of which, I spied Vera Wang sitting in the cozy lounge just outside the CC, chatting with a friend, in the hour leading up to our pre-show dinner.)

Isaac During Last Night’s Show At The Cafe Carlyle

Isaac During Last Night’s Show At The Cafe Carlyle

Now, back to Isaac…

As dinner winded down, and we had finished our espressos and cappuccinos, the lights were dimmed and an overhead announcement was made, saying to silence and put away all cell phones. Shortly thereafter, through a wave of very enthusiastic applause, Isaac made his way to the stage where his 4 piece band had already set up shop. After a brief introduction and an animated rendition of “I Feel Pretty,” Isaac announced that we should in fact take our phones back out…so we could go over to Instagram and follow his personal account. (I already do. Jus sayin…You can follow him @IMIsaacMizrahi.) Maybe you had to be there to truly appreciate, but his musings on IG, his 28 year old trumpet player’s penchant for Insta Storying everything, and seeing a young lady scrolling and NOT liking anything in her feed (while he and his husband were in the audience at a Broadway show recently) were laugh out loud hilarious. The crowd ADORED it, and so did we.

Isaac’s Band Last Night

Isaac’s Band Last Night

Later, Ana Gasteyer sparkled in a black sequin (also “elongating,” as she described it) jumpsuit and kept the upbeat vibe going with 2 jazzy numbers - and a “Happy Days Are Here Again” duet with Isaac, inspired (of course) by the celebrated Barbara Streisand/Judy Garland one from Judy’s 1963 CBS tv show. Isaac wrapped up the night with a three song encore that brought many to their feet and left more than one audience member (myself included) wanting more.

All in all, a delightful evening of song, insights, and surprises in one of the city’s loveliest venues (Also, I have to add in that the wait staff, as if by magic, subtly refills the water glasses throughout the performance. It’s small details like that - and those eye catching wall murals by Madeline author Ludwig Bemelmans - that make the Cafe such an elegant escape from the chaotic day-to-day of NYC.) that we won’t soon forget.