The Cute PVD Cafe Where You'll Want To Bring Your BFF's For Breakfast Or Lunch This Summer

The locals adore it, but unless you live, work or do the school thing in the vicinity, you probably haven’t heard of it…yet.

Yessss, I’m talking about one of my all time fave spots in the capital city: the eternally charming Benefit Juice Bar & Cafe on Benefit Street in Providence.

And it’s so much more than fresh juices or smoothies - although I am partial to their Jazzy Beet. (Pssst…beets are anti-inflammatory and so darn good for your skin. )

Watermelon Salad Photo Courtesy Of   Benefit Juice Bar & Cafe Instagram

Watermelon Salad Photo Courtesy Of Benefit Juice Bar & Cafe Instagram

Benefit Juice Bar in PVD just has this unpretentious and hospitable vibe, with a dash of kitsch (for example, the soundtrack to your time there comes courtesy of a vintage looking record player that’s curously turned sideways), that never gets old.

Like hanging out at a friend’s house, a friend that has a really great kitchen stocked with fresh coffee, sandwiches, soups, and treats that is.

Local art lines the walls. (Okay, everyone’s doing THAT these days, but I feel like Benefit was an early adopter, especially with RISD in their backyard.)

Photo Courtesy Of The   Benefit Juice Bar & Cafe Instagram

It's the ideal under-the-radar healthy eating spot next time you're in the vicinity of Downtown or the East Side.

Grab a beverage, a breakfast sandwich (Also, every Friday, you get a FREE coffee with the purchase of one!) or lunch, and next thing you know, you'll be taking your friends on the reg.

And now that al fresco dining weather’s with us for the next few months, why not grab a seat at one of their outside tables and do some serious people watching whilst enjoying your order?