PVD Bagel Is Rolling Out Something Special, Just In Time For All Your Summer Instagram Stories

How much do you loaf Bagel Fridays? 

How much do you loaf Bagel Fridays? 

If There Aren’t Bagels, Did Friday Even Happen?

Even if you work in an office that celebrates everyone’s favorite day on the calendar (also known as Bagel Fridays), you’ll still want to motor over to the nearest Providence Bagel (They have 2 locations now, so it’s easier than ever to satisfy those cravings for freshly made from scratch 🥯’s.) this weekend for the brand new flavor that they just premiered today.

Yesssss, they’ve rolled out a Cotton Candy Bagel, topped with rainbow sugar, and it sounds incredible.

The Only Circle Of Trust I Have Is My Bagel

It also checks ✔️ all the boxes for living your best life this Summer in the OS (Ocean State.) and the surrounding areas. 

Looking for a special treat that will surprise and delight the kids? Cotton Candy Bagels.

How about a snack for you and your squad that also lends itself to being Instagrammed and Insta Storied (because tbh we’re all living in Stories these day)? You don’t need an inspirational quote, you just need a Cotton Candy Bagel!

Food to bring over to a friend’s cookout this Saturday or Sunday that you don’t have to stress over? Walk in with a bag of Cotton Candy Bagels and you’ll be a legit sensation among your old friends.

And you’ll probably also find most of your fellow backyard party attendees looking up from their phones too.


Because you bread-a believe that practically everyone loves that person who’s ahead of the curve when it comes to local foody trends.

 So, sail into this weekend as smoothly as cream cheese on a 🥯 with the latest and greatest from PVD Bagel.

Get yours before they’re gone at their locations on North Main in Providence and Mineral Spring in North Prov.