One Of Your Fave PVD Restaurants Just Opened A 2nd Location & It Sounds Amazing

From Broadway to DownCity

Pre-opening Photo Of Nick’s On Westminster Courtesy Of Their Instagram

Pre-opening Photo Of Nick’s On Westminster Courtesy Of Their Instagram

It was only day two of business for Nick’s on Westminster and the place was hopping. There was a buzz in the air in this funky, fun welcome addition to the downtown - or as we used to say - downcity area.

In fact, the vibe reminded me of the long gone and still missed DownCity Diner (later changed to DownCity when it reopened in a new location after a tragic yet legendary brisket fire).

At the new Nick’s (that has a catchy ring to it!), the second restaurant from Nick’s on Broadway’s Derek Wagner, you can choose how to spend your evening: have fun at the bar, grab a table with your favorite foursome or enjoy something a little more intimate just for two. As a local treasure and James Beard Best Chef Northeast semifinalist, the expectations for Wagner are high and he and his team more than rise to the occasion.

The fine touches and details are there – the menu cover, for example, is a soft smooth leather that you just want to rub all…never mind. Where were we? 

The bar is beautiful: huge, spacious, welcoming. We sat there the whole night and the service was stellar. It’s a great spot to watch the show both inside and outside the restaurant. 

The bartenders – calling themselves the A-Team because their first names all began with the letter A - made some great recommendations for drinks and food and they didn’t disappoint.

More Drink Options At Nick’s On Westminster

More Drink Options At Nick’s On Westminster

For booze, you can choose from an interesting wine and beer (including drafts!) list or order your favorite cocktail. My go-to drink – a Ketel One dirty martini – was perfectly dirty and my companion enjoyed his Grey Sail Captain’s Daughter (from the Westerly-based brewer). They probably have some non-booze beverages too, but what’s the point, really? 

Then there’s the food. In all my years, I have never had roasted and seasoned green olives. How have I missed out on this delicacy? They were a little messy to eat with their pits still intact but they were delicious. If I had drool running down my chin it was worth it. And I was provided with a lovely cloth napkin to take care of any mess. 

I’m always a fan of risotto and the entree at Nick’s was delightful: black bean risotto with kale and mushrooms. I’m usually not a fan of kale but it was just the right amount to give the whole dish a little fresh crunch. The risotto was light, not heavy and thick like it’s served in some places, so the entrée felt the right amount for an early dinner in the middle of the week. 

My co-conspirator enjoyed the tomato soup which was full of just the right herbs and spices and tasted like the best pasta sauce he’d ever had. Once he got a spoon, he dug in and enjoyed. I turned my head and when I looked back it was pretty much gone. I’m not saying he didn’t offer me a taste, but I don’t remember being asked. 

Nick’s on Westminster is off to a great start. It’s definitely a place I will visit again and may even make a regular hangout. Check it out and let them know you heard it about it from Patty!

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