This Theatre Co Is Putting On A Play At Your Fave Brewery & You’ll Be Cheersing

If you’ve only ever experienced Shakespeare inside a theater, you don’t know what you’re missing. Honestly, there’s something about having the breeze catching the costumes, the crisp air surrounding you, the natural lighting helping to set the stage. Being outdoors while watching a live performance of the Bard’s work is magical. But go ahead and compartmentalize that FOMO, because thanks to Burbage Theatre Co. you can see an open air version of Julius Caesar until August 11th. Oh, and by the way, all shows are FREE!


The cast and crew of Burbage never fail to provide some of the best entertainment you’ll find in the Ocean State, inside or out… They are all dedicated, talented, and creative people whose work will tap your emotions every time. Coming from all over the area, these skilled actors and artists have somehow found each other - in fact, they seem like one big family.


Not only can you frequently catch this family’s work for free around the Pawtucket area, now they’re also renovating a brand new space. Because as much as I love outdoor theater, nobody wants that in February. Until this season Burbage has had a residency at TEN31 Productions, next to the Blackstone River in downtown Pawtucket. But with their popularity growing rapidly in recent years the company needed to expand. 


The new space will be close by at 59 Blackstone Avenue. Currently being worked on, Burbage’s new home will be ready for this season’s lineup. But they could use your help! There’s a Go Fund Me page currently taking donations to help pay for renovations and make sure they go off without a hitch. If you love theater and supporting local artists, this is a Go Fund Me page you have to check out.  

“Burbage officials signed the multi-year lease after their record-breaking 8th season of six critically acclaimed plays produced in 2018-19, led by their Rhode Island Premiere of Shakespeare in Love. Burbage received strong support during its search for a new home from Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien’s office and the City of Pawtucket, as well as from the leadership of the Pawtucket Foundation.” 

Supporting your local artist is just as important as supporting that boutique bookstore or coffee shop. Theatres bring people who might not otherwise venture out on a Friday or Saturday night into their cities. It’s easy in this modern era to value the ease of home entertainment over something as unique as live theatre, but Netflix doesn’t support your local economy. Unless you’re L.A… but we’re not, so ya know… CLICK HERE and help Burbage do what they do best!

Upcoming Julius Caesar show dates: 

Thrs Aug 1st, 7PM @ The Guild

Fri Aug 2nd, 7PM @ The Guild

Sat Aug 3rd, 7PM @ The Guild


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