The New Juice Shop & Market That’s Bringing Some Malibu to South County


The folks who brought us Shayna’s Place in Wickford have opened a brand new juice bar and market just up the street, and it’s everything you’d expect from them and so much more to get excited about…

Now regular readers of this blog (and those who follow on Instagram) know that I’ve been a serious fan of the sandwiches and drinks over at Shayna’s Place since the beginning.

Well, news flash (or smart phone notification, which seems more appropriate for 2019), I’ll be adding Alma to my current food and beverage rotation effective immediately.

And no doubt, you will want to do the same.


First off, the exterior is so darn cute! Ideal for your next Insta Story or static IG post.

What we found once we crossed the threshold was also pretty blog-worthy.

There’s a full menu of fresh juices and made-to-order smoothies for that hydration and wellness boost we’re all forever on the lookout for these days. (The hubs had a refreshing watermelon juice and I had a delish green smoothie with kale and a bunch more ingredients I don’t recall…My friend SB always tells me watermelon juice helps protect against sunburn, but I’m still not 100% convinced.)

We also spied an assortment of tasty treats and colorful-looking (read: healthy) prepared food to take out - because who wants to turn the oven on when it’s 90+ and super humid outside?

Also, not everything is vegetarian or vegan…there are eats for those in your life who haven’t quite taken the plant-based plunge yet, so no need to panic or stress over potential meal-related drama with friends or fam.

In addition to those kinds of options, there were also lots of delightful and unexpected items, including: surfboard wax, something called The Surfer’s Journal, all natural soaps, sunnies, straw hats, canvas totes, incense, sage for smudging away any bad vibes, and lots of other neat stuff.

Don’t know ‘bout you, but all that totally reminded me of an adorbs little shop you might find on the West Coast, maybe in Malibu, which has been synonymous with surf culture since the 1950’s. (All I got is Sandra Dee’s Gidget and James Darren’s Moondoggie…surfers and surf aficionados please don’t @ me!)


Take your Goop-i-est friends (aka, fans of GP), or your pals who appreciate how lovely Wickford is, especially this time of year.

Or that bestie who’s always searching for new juice bars or cafes in the area.


***Alma Juice Bar + Market is located at 2 Main Street, in the heart of historic Wickford Village. For more details, check out their Instagram, @alma_juicebar.

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