3 Rhody Things That Will Have Your Dog Living Like They’re Insta Famous

While we were on a staycation a few weeks ago, I saw so many people with dogs in tow, more than I remember seeing previously in that little town of WH…

At this moment, when it looks like everyone and their 2nd cousin has at least one pup in their lives, being a pet pawrent can feel like it comes with more responsibilities and expectations than ever before.


I mean, it's getting so that if your dog doesn't have his or her own Instagram or Facebook, a toy box overflowing with squeakers and plush stuffies, and a closet full of outfit changes, you're looked at as dropping the ball in a big way.

But don't despair because I have three local places and things to help you navigate the demands of 21st century life with your dog - with half the stress and twice the style.

1. Spa Day & Chill…For Your Canine Friend

Does the idea of schlepping your dog to the groomer’s fill you with all kinds of dread? You might want to consider a mobile groomer, one that will roll up in your driveway and wash and cut your canine bestie whilst you relax - or finish up some household chores - nearby. They’re becoming more popular here in the OS and definitely worth trying out to see if it’s a good fit for you and your 🐶. PS ~ We’ve used Aussie Pet Mobile (They cater to Rhode Island and NE Connecticut.) in the past and had great experiences.

2. Let's Have A Paw-ty!

Cakes from Jack's Snacks in Warwick rival any “people cakes” you'll find at your local bakery. First off, they look equally as fantastic, if not better, which is oh-so-important for Instagram purposes these days. Also, they are treats that your dog - or dogs plural, in case you end up pulling together a party with a guest list - can actually dig into. I mean , forget about buying a regular cake, throwing some candles on it, and singing HBD. We tried THAT year one with one of our dogs and he tried to jump up on the table to blow out the candles. There's that, not to mention the fact that regular chocolate is deadly for dogs. Thankfully, it’s Jack's to the rescue!

3. Puppy School Is in Session.

Puppy Kindergarten at Rumford Pet Center saved us when Goldendoodle Louie was just a little Dood! Thanks and all credit to Heidi (the woman behind “Puppy School,” as we called Pooch Pawsitive) and her team. Can't say enough good things about Louie's experience there. They house trained him. He also had plenty of active playtime. (He returned home exhausted at the end of the day, so we knew he wasn’t spending hours in a crate or cage.) And he even received regular report cards (which you might be tempted to Instagram and why not?). Highly recommending if you and your pup need help with basic commands, behavior, et cetera.


*Photo Credits: Additional photos for Jack's Snacks courtesy of their social media and web site respectivelty

 ** This post has been revised and updated from the original that appeared on the site previously.