3 Amazing Airbnbs In RI You'll Want To Add To Your Staycation Wish List

The guys who started Airbnb got the idea after putting a bunch of people who traveling to their city or a tech conference up at their apartment. (We know this from binge listening to the podcast How I Built This that just so happens to feature some of the most high profile companies and entrepreneurs of the last few decades. What an earful!)

The accomodation options these days, however, have gone above and beyond an air mattress in the corner of someone’s living room and a brekkie bowl of cold cereal (unless, of course, that’s your ideal when it comes to traveling…).

Now, after also being approached by several Airbnb hosts in the New England area about staying at and blogging about their abodes, we decided to scope out what Rhode Island has to offer in the way of unique and noteworthy accomodations. These three were standouts for sure, so get ready to add them to your staycation wish list.

Take Time To Coast


Remember that part in Failure to Launch when Matt McConaughey’s Tripp invites Sarah Jessica Parker’s Paula to lunch on his boat? Only it isn’t his and the real owner shows up mid way thru and spoils everything. Or maybe Carey Grant and Sophia Loren in Houseboat is more your speed. Either way, yes you can still go to town and impress your S.O. (significant other) with an overnight stay on this stylish, cozy hb in the Newport area that sleeps up to four. It’s also tres Insta Worthy in terms of the interior decor, so text your IG style blogger friend (You know you have at least ONE.) who would definitely want to look into reserving it for a photoshoot this summer. Click here for more about how to book your stay.

Channel Your Inner East Coast Socialite


Even if you don’t hit the big Powerball or Mega Milions jackpots this week (MM is over a billion dollars!), you can still channel your inner Providence socialite with a stay in this stylish East Side space. The retro chic, colorful decor of this capital city room reminds us of something straight outta the Upper East Side (NYC) homes of ladies like Gloria Vanderbilt (maybe you know her as Anderson’s mom?), fashion editor Diana (pronounced Dee-anna…who knew?) Vreeland or perhaps sartorial icon and jewelry designer Iris Apfel. An added plus, this room looks perfect as a potential backdrop for your Insta uploads, IG Stories, and the like. Click here for more deets.

Pajamas. All Day.


Whether you’re looking to unplug and relax (on your own or with your fave person ) or you need a break from your regular routine so you can get started on your version of the great American novel (or memoir), this totes adorbs guest house in Jamestown is just the thing you never knew you needed in your Rhody life - until NOW. It’s also Newport beach adjacent, in case you want to swap out your pj’s or sweats for a bathing suit and some spf. Click or tap here for specifics.

Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of the Airbnb app and site