Some Christmas Magic & A Coffee Run In South County

There's something about a beautifully decorated space, especially this time of year, that makes just about everyone forget their troubles and get happy. (Yes, I've been listening to some Judy over on Spotify lately.) Exactly why I couldn't wait to share these photos from The Farmer's Daughter in South Kingstown. I mean, the attention to detail and talent it took to put all of this (*Gestures wildly with both hands*) together. Awe inspiring stuff.  

Another key thing is that none of THIS is visible from the road as you're driving on your merry way. It's all tucked away, behind the tiny cabin that greets everyone exiting their cars in the parking area.

So, go and check out that cabin as well as the greenhouses and sheds behind it because the interiors are all decked out in some of the best RI rustic, Xmas finery ever. Spoiler Alert: You'll be wow'ed and (you'll) want to pick up a bunch of ornaments, poinsettias, and other goodies to take with. 

But wait. You'll also probably be wanting an outstanding cuppa coffee, and maybe a muffin too, to top off your visit to such a magical place, right? Well, you're in luck because only a few minutes down the road is TLC Coffee Roasters, which is so much more than just the Ahh-MAZING  sign below. (Mad props to someone I shall call 'the mayor of Garden City' for clueing me in on this place btw. In other words, I was guilty of thinking it was all about the sign.)

Their java is primo and I can vouch for their baked goods in a big way. Think Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin. (Unless you have to take a pee test or something, like Elaine did in episode 16 of season 7 of Seinfeld. In that case, you're screwed.) 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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