The Break Hotel: The Place Where Art And Ocean Meet

Those times you post a nice looking photo on Insta (after taking a few dozen, maybe more) and start thinking you're so close to pro status...Yeah, that all goes out the window once you start collaborating with a real live photographer like Stacey Doyle. She took so many fantastic photos during our 'Break time' in South County this week! I'm sharing some today, along with a few key, behind the scenes stories that a local artist confided to me about the interior design of the hotel (also known as The Break in Gansett if you're just now joining us). True story, most people message me, asking for local restaurant or shopping recommendations (I continue to be surprised about this.). This person, however, was all about the artisan - and art - related back stories (that I had absolutely no idea about) that went into the building of the beautiful boutique hotel that played host to us this week.

Let's All Go To The Lobby

At first glance, the built in aquarium there is gorgeous, but who the heck knew the amount of prep and planning that went into it? A little bird told me it took months of work, with the tank landscape being set up and timed, so that it would create its own coral reef by the time the hotel opened. Holy Mackerel indeed.

Meanwhile At Chair 5

We took lots of photos in the restaurant adjacent to the lobby and overlooking the pool (That would be Chair 5.), but had no clue that the concrete bar was hand set and the glass globe lighting (2nd photo above.) was hand blown. Now, it all makes sense. 

Lest We Forget The Pool

You might already know that the pool is 1) heated and 2) salt water, but did you also know...that the pool tiles were designed specifically for the hotel by several designers who studied at a pretty prestigious NE school? In other words, none of the details are coincidental or haphazard including (before I forget) the way the ceiling in the previous Chair 5 pics plays off the tiles in  said pool. Like, wow.

For more cool fotos from our stay at The Break Hotel, courtesy of lovely and talented Stacey Doyle, be sure to check out the PattyJDotCom Instagram.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J