RI Confidential: The 4 Things Your Hair Stylist Wishes They Could Tell You

Your hair may not be 'full of secrets', like Gretchen Weiner's was (supposed to be) in Mean Girls, but your hairdresser has quite a few secrets he or she would love to share with you, but cannot. And no, I'm not talking about gossip. #theirlipsaresealed What I'm actually talking about here is everything you're doing, directly and indirectly, to sabotage, and mess with, the health, well being, and overall appearance of your hair. Here's the skinny on four of the most popular offenses to avoid:

  1. Adopt The One And Done Rule. Your stylist loves you, they really, REALLY do! But keep the pics of the kiddies, the grand-kiddies or your adorable rescue (cat or dog) to one and done. The longer they spend eyeballing your camera roll of those dozens and dozens (and dozens) of pics or videos of your little one(s), that's time and focus taken away from making you and your hair look fab-u-lous. 
  2. Stop Buying Box Color. It's pretty much the equivalent of buying your wedding gown (or white suit - if you're feeling all Bianca Jagger circa 1971) at Walmart. For one, it's way more damaging than professional grade color. For another, your hair is probably going to turn out looking a whole lot darker than the results you see on the side of that box. Talk about some buyer's remorse. 
  3. And Those Scissors In Your Bathroom Drawer? The ones you use to trim your bangs or split ends? They gotta G-O! In other words, they know (They always know.) when you've been trimming your bangs at home. Same goes for those face framing layers you attempted a few weeks ago after seeing Jennifer Lawrence chop her hair into that no nonsense bob at the end of Joy. Yeah, #justdontdoit. That type of thing only ends well in the movies. 
  4. Pictures Can Be...Problematic. Let me explain. Few things stress them out more than Kim K. with platinum hair, round 2. (See photos from NYFW 2016.) Sure it's a wig this time, but from previous experience, they kinda, sorta know that once those pics start popping up online, it's only a matter of time until clients show up flashing them and wanting their hair white blonde. The honest truth, however, is that that look will do a number on your hair (True story - it's extremely damaging.) and your wallet (The upkeep alone will cut into your coffee and cocktail budget in a serious way.). Also, by the time you've achieved your coveted level of blonde-ness (I understand it's a process that in most cases, involves a timeline and multiple salon visits.), even I, a non-stylist, can guarantee that Kim K. will have ditched that wig and moved on to the next big thing.


Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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