Destination RI: The Show Garden At Wicked Tulips Farm

I have news about Wicked Tulips.

Are you bummed about having missed out on being able to pick your own tulips there? Chin up, buttercup! You can still get in on #TulipMania2016, only in a slightly different but still delightful way. We were there this week and saw so many people enjoying the show garden (See photos above.), which you cannot pick from, but you may tip toe thru, stroll around or linger in until your heart is full of 'tulip euphoria'. First and foremost, it's a truly fantastic spot for a photo opp. Take the kiddies and snap away. We saw plenty of families with babies and toddlers, some carrying toy watering cans, some dressed in lovely flowered dresses or seersucker, and even one little birthday girl, in a crisp spring dress with a big white bow in her hair, being pulled in a red wagon by her mom had driven over an hour to get there. If you don't have kiddies, it's a magical location for taking some selfies (Photo above.) or for some cute couples pics. And I hear the weather this weekend is going to be marvelous.

But wait, there's more...

You can also shop the show garden and buy bulbs of your favs (clearly labeled, as in the photos above) to plant over at your place. Wicked Tulip will even provide you with a check-off list for marking down your picks, something sure to make all my fellow Type A's gleefully happy. I believe they're also offering discounts. (See photo above.) Uhhh, yayyy!


Be an early bird.

So, want to be a few steps ahead next year and get your hands on some of these stunning flowers? The peeps at Wicked Tulips recommend liking their Facebook Page, in order to get the latest updates about their opening dates for Spring 2017 as well as more info.  

*Apparently, this tulip frenzy in Little Rhody was fueled in a big way by all those Instagram'ers (and a few Facebook'ers too probably) sharing avalanches of pics of the flowers and the farm, even before it officially opened to the public. As a result, I hear it's going to be bigger and better in '17. 

**Due to the off the charts response, the last day for Wicked Tulips is this Sunday, May 15th. Tick tock, tick tock.  

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of For more, check out the PattyJDotCom Instagram.