Behind The Seams With A Designer Handbag Collector

Recently, I got an invite to The Newport Antiques Show that included a tip about a new addition to their lineup - a collector/dealer who specializes in vintage designer handbags. Now, antiques are nice and all, but say something (anything really) about designer handbags and I am so there. With bells on!

Flash forward to yesterday, when we set our Maps App (Been meaning to add Waze to my phone btw. I hear it's legit life changing.) to St. Georges' School in Middletown where The Antiques Show, in its 10th year, was being held. First, before I get to the bags and the related deets, let me give a shout out to Russell Morin Catering, the peeps running The Show's Cafe. Truly, madly, deeply loved the ice coffee they had to offer and that's saying a whole lot because I usually drink my coffee hot regardless of the temps or the time of year. Now, back to those bags...It didn't take us long before we found the booth with Only Authentics, owner/proprietor Virgil Rogers, and one of the most exquisite and envy inducing displays of Chanel and Hermes outside of Worth, Michigan or 5th Ave. I mean, seriously. 

Mr. Rogers and his associate were kind enough to share a few of their fav pieces with us, including several Chanel bags made in extremely limited numbers strictly for the runway, a coveted croc Hermes Birkin, and another Hermes bag that doubles as a jewelry box. (Photos above.) It was like shopping your best friend's closet - if your BFF has spent the last 30 years collecting chic statement bags from the world's premiere luxury brands. Also, there was a standout Hermes black leather belt with an engraved H buckle that caught my eye. (I spy with my little eye HERMES dammit!) Maybe you know about the waiting list to purchase a Birkin (Many thanks to the Sex & The City writers in Season 4 for chronicling Samantha's quest for a Birkin.), but did you also know that there's one for their belts and buckles? YUP. (Not sure if I saw that in Vogue or Vanity Fair, but it has stayed with me.)

The final 411? Even though The Newport Antiques Show has wrapped, you can still buy a bag from Mr. Rogers because he'll be in the Ocean State a few more days. Click on over to his site to contact him directly or maybe just to peruse the selection of gorgeous handbags and accessories and create a wish list or just daydream about luxe life - Hey, you're entitled! 

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


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