Take A Personal Day & Go Here With Your Bae For Lunch Or Dinner

Seems as though everyone and their mother's blogging about back to school right now. Today I'm in new school mode and by that, I mean new vs old school Watch Hill.

Perhaps you've already done the breakfast thing at St Clair's or The Cooked Goose (I heard T. Swift was spotted there, breaking bread with Lorde last year, before the whole comment controversy ensued...Oops, look what you made me do? Lolololol). And maybe dinners or lunchtime over at Olympia. All old school staples for meals and snacks.

But how about Ten Sandwiches?

You've probably walked past on your way to search for the perfect pair of Jack Rogers sandals (Jackie O. was an early adopter.) or Watch Hill sweatshirt (There are many options at so many diff price points, from $40 and up.). Right on Bay Street, tucked in between storefronts selling everything from napkins to makeup bags that say I Heart Botox (I concur!), however, you'll find a fab, newbie-ish (They opened a few years ago, then subsequently underwent a remodel/makeover.) destination for cold brew coffee (I can't think of anywhere else in the vicinity where it can be had.), smoothies (Ditto...and who doesn't love a nice fruit and almond milk mix? Especially in the am.), breakfast (We made up our own off-the-menu sandwich, consisting of multigrain bread, avocado, and an egg. Why not give it a whirl?), lunch (Some noteworthy sandwich and salad options right there.), and drinkies (The bar they added a few years ago - See photo above. - is pretty great looking and will have you loving updated nautical themed stuff.)

And the best kept secret in the OS is how lovely Watch Hill is after Labor Day. True story, September, if the temps stay mild (Fingers crossed.), is some of the nicest time in WH, especially because it's just not as crowded and chaotic. The vibe is much more mellow and low key. So why not take a personal day with your bae or besties and then, grab at least one meal at Ten Sandwiches? 


Photo Credits: Pics above courtesy of PattyJ.com